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The Pro-Homebuyers Program

Buying a new home is one of the biggest investments a person can make. The new construction home process is different than any other home buying experience. Many important decisions and options have to be made in the first the months of the process. We know that you want your new home to be perfect and have the expert guidance you need to make that happen.

Nest Advise designed and perfected through years of professional work with homebuyers. Now all homebuyers can access the same information the homebuilding professionals use. This method will cover every aspect of buying a pre-construction home. The program includes professional strategies, real life examples, decision making systems, and a workbook organizer that will give you the knowledge and tools you need to make the best decisions for you new construction home.

What Can The Pro-Homebuyer Program Do For You?

Let the Pro-Homebuyer Program Help You:

Who is the Pro-Homebuyer Program For?

This online program is for homebuyers interested in buying a pre-construction home with a homebuilder. Whether this is your first home, your forever home or a second home, this course will give you knowledge and tools you need to get the best value, design, and quality on a new construction home.

Building a home with a custom homebuilder

Buying a home in a new construction community

Buying a home with a national homebuilder

Buying a home pre-construction

Worry Free Guarantee

If the strategies taught in this program do not provide savings greater than or equal to the course cost, we will either help you find these cost savings or we will give you a full refund. 

(Offer Terms: The course, workbook and lessons must be submitted so we can assist you)

The Pro-Homebuyer Online Program

This is a "do it yourself" option to learn from homebuilding experts on the new construction process.

Program Welcome
You will get access to the Pro-Homebuyers welcome with our introductory guide and resources. Each was professionally designed to prepare you to get the best possible results from our Pro-Homebuyer program.
As you complete each lesson you will get access to the resources and have the opportunity to share feedback so we can ensure the information you need for the new construction home buying process was included in each lesson.
Program Support
The feedback given by participants will be used to create a monthly Q&A to give our participants the support they need to succeed. You will also have access to an archive of previous Pro-Homebuyer questions and answers.
Program Follow-Up
Upon completion of the course you will receive a customized opportunity to upgrade to 1-1 consulting to review your project selections at the Pro-homebuyer rate.

Pro-Lessons and Included resources


Learn how to get the best quality cabinets, countertops, lighting and appliance packages for your new kitchen. Learn cost-saving tips and best design choices for your dream kitchen island We also show you how to layout your appliances and cabinets to improve function and traffic flow within your kitchen.

Lighting & Electrical

Learn when to use general, task and decorative lighting and the advantages of using LED lights throughout the home. Finding out what lighting and electrical your homebuilder is not providing and where you should consider adding additional lighting and wired switches.


We will review material and finish options along with installation do's and don'ts to achieve cost effective flooring in the main areas of the house. Learn to evaluate builder upgrade choices versus post-construction completion.


How to take the standard builder bathrooms and transform them into custom designer spaces all while staying at or below budget. This will include reviewing upgrades to plumbing fixtures, bathroom floor, tile. shower wall tile finishes. quality vanity cabinets, countertops, shower enclosures and lighting .You will see how to compare builder upgrades to post-construction options.

Smart Home

Find out which basic smart home features that all new homes should have. You will also learn how to plan and build now so you can continually add features and devices to enhance your safety and improve daily living at a later time.


Learn about material options for driveways and walkways. Which front entry and garage upgrades are worth considering. You will also be shown best design practices for outdoor living spaces, pools, and outdoor kitchen areas.

More Rooms & Design Finishes

We will cover all the rooms and options inside your home. All the extra indoor space that are not in other lessons. From the great room, guest bedrooms, and the home office, we have go your covered. We will also discuss the value of built-in areas in your new construction home.

Buyer Cost Analysis

Cost-Analysis is an important part of the new home construction process. We show you how to do side-by-side comparisons and get the information you need to make educated decisions about how and where to spend your money in your new construction home. Applicable lessons get their own spreadsheet tracker and printable organizer.

Workbook & Organizer

homebuyers course

Our workbook and digital resources were created by our in-house instructional designer to ensure that all participants in our course will be successful using this method. These resources provide ample opportunities to learn and apply all of the systems in our course to your new construction home.

Pro-Homebuyer program participants also get access to discounted expert consulting options.

Pro-Homebuyer Program Results

Get Better Home Quality & Design
Pro-Homebuyers know what materials and finishes to use for the highest quality and longevity of their new construction home. Expert tips and guidance make sure that you get top quality in every room in your home.
Save Money and Spend Wisely
Pro-Homebuyers know how to avoid costly mistakes and upgrade pitfalls that allow them to spend their budget on the best design features. Our Worry Free Guarantee is insurance for your course or consulting investment.
Understand the Process
Pro-Homebuyers have the tools and knowledge they need to make accurate decisions. They can navigate and organize the new construction process without the extra time and stress.
Use Proven Systems
Pro-Homebuyers know how to ensure that the finished design of their new construction home will meet their needs. From layouts to electrical plans you get access to expertise and systems that ensure you are getting what you want and need.

What Our Customer Are Saying:

We were so overwhelmed with the choices and options. Nest Advise made the process easy and helped us get our dream home at an affordable price!
by Myra & Gary
Working with Nest Advise was one of the best decisions we made for our new home. We customized our home with features such as built-ins, crown molding, and other options that our homebuilder did not offer and saved money in the process. Nest Advise was able to assist us with every aspect of what we wanted for our home from plumbing to electrical to carpentry to tiling and more. We highly recommend Nest Advise as a reliable source for making the home of your dreams.
by Rachel & Rob
We had no idea that we could get such custom high quality features in a master-planned community with a national homebuilder. We recommend this to anyone who is considering buying a new home pre-construction!
by Jenna & Mike

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments a person can make. The average homebuyer that is considering just a few upgrade packages with a homebuilder saves thousands of dollars using our method. Whether you use our course, consulting, or both your investment is returned and often multiplied.

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